Thursday, November 28, 2013

Justin Bieber's Movie Is Coming Out

On December 25th,2013 On Christmas Day!  

Justin Bieber Will Be Releasing His Movie Believe 3D On Christmas Day!

Justin Bieber Releases A New Song Every Monday!

Hello Justin Bieber Does This New Thing Called Music Mondays So Every Monday And His Song Are Awesome!

Here Are The Songs That He Just Released So Far!

One Direction Has Released There New Album

Hello I Have Great News....One Direction Released There Brand New Album Midnight Memories On Monday, November 25th,2013 And It Is A Top Seller. 

Here Is The Music Video To Story Of My Life!


Hello, Sorry I Haven't Blogged In A While I Have Been Very Busy And Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Justin Bieber Is Starting His Believe Tour Back Up Tomorrow In San Diego!

Hey Everyone Its Nichelle Blogging Again...I Have Great News Justin Bieber Is Starting His Believe Tour Tomorrow In San Diego And It Is Gonna Be Awesome Thought I Tell You That.

Justin Will Be Doing 57 Shows On His #BelieveTour  Tomorrow His First Stop On His #BelieveTour Will Be San Diego! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Big Time Rush Is Gonna Be On Tour Soon!

Hey, Everyone And Happy Summer....I Have Been Very Busy So I Am Sorry I Haven't Blogged In A While.

I Want To Let You Know That Big Time Rush Will Be On Their Big Time Summer World Tour Soon There Are Going To Be A lot On Crazy Surprises Happening And I Hear That You Guys Are Gonna Love It...Big Time Rush Will Be On Tour With Victoria Justice And It Will Be Pretty Awesome If I Am Lucky Maybe I Will See Them In Concert And Tell You About It.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Most Powerful Weapon Is Really Awesome!

Hey, It Nichelle Marshall Here Blogging Again And I Wanted To Blog About Another Awesome Band That I Met At Relay For Life 2013.

The Other Amazing Band That I Met At Relay For Life 2013 Was The Most Powerful Weapon, I Will Tell You That This Band Is Soo Powerful And I Love Them...The Members Of The Most Powerful Weapon Are: 
1) Ashely Beavers (Lead Vocals)
2) Adam Macias (Guitar/Back-Up Vocals)
3) Randy Molina (Guitar)
4) Matteo Donini (Bass/Back-Up Vocals)
5) Jef Schultz (Drums)

If You Were Going To See Them Live In Concert You Better Hang-On Tight Because This Band Is So Powerful That Your Socks Will Get Knocked Off Hard Because This Band Is Very Powerful And You Wouldn't Want To Sit Down...You Would Be Jumping  And Dancing Because Their Music Pretty Much Rocks Well Back To The Topic. The Most Powerful Weapon Is So Amazing And Are The Greatest And When I Saw Them Perform At Relay For Life 2013 I Totally Enjoyed Them...Their Performance At The Event Totally Blew Me Away The Most And Knocked My Socks Off  With Just One Song And I Totally Enjoyed Their Performance At Rely For Life And It Was Great To Meet Randy Molina The Guitarist Of The Most Powerful Weapon And The Rest Of The Band, I Couldn't Stop Saying Oh My Goodness Because They Were That Good.Their Album Is Called WHAT IT'S LIKE TO LIVE  And Their Album Is So Very Awesome...The First Time I Heard Their Album What It's Like To Live I Totally Enjoyed It And I Couldn't Stop Listening To It...The Songs Are Really Awesome And They Will Get Stuck In Your Head For A While And You Would Love To Listen To It Over And Over And Over Again And You Would Never Get Tired Of  Listening To This Album...I Really,Really,Really Love Them...I Think You Should Totally Buy Their Album What It's Like To Live On ITunes And Put It On Your IPod, IPhone, Mp3 Player, Android Or Any Other Electronic Music Players You Have... Here Is The Link:   Buy Their Album On ITunes, Amazon, Google Play, And CDBaby.
Here Are The Links:
Google Play:
I Would Recommend You All To Buy Their Album What It's Like To Live You Will Not Regret Buying It Because It Is Awesome And You Will Be Impressed Just Like I Was When I First Heard The Whole Album...VERY INCREDIBLE....You All Should Follow The Most Powerful Weapon On Twitter At:  And You All Should Like Their Facebook Page At: ... You Should All Go See The Most Powerful Weapon Live In Concert When They Are Touring, You Will Really Love Them.

Note To The Most Powerful Weapon: If You Are Reading My Blog That Is Really Awesome And I Want To Say That You Guys Are So Awesome And Incredible...I Really Loved Your Performance At Relay For Life 2013 Was Soo Incredible And I Really Enjoyed It And It Was Great To See You Perform And Meet You Please Keep Rocking And Inspiring Young Kids To Never Hold Their Emotions In And Just Write Down How You Feel.
~Nichelle Marshall
Side Note: I Write Songs Myself If I Am Going Through A Rough Time In My Life I Just Write It Down In A Song Or In My Journal And I Feel So Much Better When I Write It Down By The Way I Can Relate To The Song On My Own.
~Nichelle Marshall